Doc Holiday July 1, 2009 Of all the instrumental Native American flute albums that are presented to me, Richards latest Legends And Dreams, manages to push the envelope and create a new fresh and exciting sound that keeps you locked into the mood and the feel of this great artist. Simply put, I like this record alot. YOU HAVE BEEN OVERLOOKED TOO LONG MY FRIEND, YOUR TIME HAS COME. Thanks for the escape. Doc Holiday Member of the Board Of Governors for The Recording Academy Grammy Awards Voting Member Of The Grammy Awards Voting Member of the "NAMMY" Awards (Native American Music Awards) Advisory Member of the "NAMMY" Awards (Native American Music Awards) Winner Of 14 "Telly Awards" for Music Videos 24 First Round Entries for the Grammy Awards 4 Nominations For The "Nammy" Awards Winner of the 2008 "NAMMY" Award for Best Historical Recording Winner of "The Golden Music Award for Producer Of The Year Mega International Records The Power Plant Recording Studios Thunder Across America Concerts

5.0 out of 5 stars Great album, visually evocative, delightful , September 25, 2014 By Ricky Kej - Heart of the Buffalo- the track and the album itself; set up a slideshow in my mind - the desert, cactus, the setting sun on the horizon and a single trail of hoof prints behind a solitary traveler. Instrumental arrangement conjures up a pensive mood with Spirit of Renewal and Sacred Sky. Keep the Sacred ways is light, building up as it goes along, as the Sun disappears and a solitary fire crackles in the silence. Brilliant album.

Music by Richard Stepp and Rick McKee